Monthly Archives: August 2005

PlastiComp and Indore Sign Strategic Business Alliance

The Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (LFRTP) technology developed and used by PlastiComp, Inc. for the production of Complet® Composite Pellets will be transferred to Indore Composites of Bombay, India. “This strategic alliance enables Indore to manufacture Complet® Composite Pellets and represent the brand for sale, thus expanding our PlastiComp, Inc. global supply capability.”

PlastiComp Names CFO

CEO, Steve Bowen, announced today the appointment of Paul Ness as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. “Paul was an important member of the leadership team who worked with me to successfully grow another composites technology company and I am confident that his presence at PlastiComp will strengthen our operations and contribute to our growth and success.”

Composite Products Receives PlastiComp License

CPI, Composite Products, Inc. of Winona, Minnesota has become licensed by PlastiComp to employ the patented Pushtrusion technology in its molding operations. CPI is a leading molder of composite materials and will use the Pushtrusion technology to injection mold long glass fiber reinforced parts for structural applications.