Yearly Archives: 2013

New High Flow Long-Fiber Thermoplastic Composite Compounds From PlastiComp

PlastiComp’s proprietary high flow formulas enable molders to achieve cycle time reductions up to 25% along with injection pressure reductions of up to 40% in thin wall parts (less than 0.100”). Flow lengths in thin wall parts can also be increased by as much as 30% (based on spiral flow data).

PlastiComp Adds Long Fiber Thermoplastic Pipes, Beams, and Profiles to Portfolio

PlastiComp has installed and commissioned a patent-pending manufacturing line for extruding Long Fiber Thermoplastic (LFT) pipes, beams, and other structural profiles. The crosshead profile-dies used are designed to co-extrude fiber tows or unidirectional tapes as continuous axial reinforcement in the extruding profile.

PlastiComp Increases Capacity and Capability

PlastiComp Inc. has increased production capacity with the installation of a new long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) compounding line. The new line will increase capacity approximately five million pounds per year.