Combine Strength and Toughness Properties of Long Fiber Reinforced Composites with Multi-functional Performance to Produce More Effective Products

Do not let your creativity, or your products performance, be limited by off-the-shelf options.  PlastiComp can provide you with a ready-to-mold LFT composite pellet solution that contains everything you need — including functional performance beyond reinforcement.

Built-in Lubricity

Lubricity (Wear Resistance) Value Added Peformance for Long Fiber Composites

  • Friction and abrasion shorten product life cycles and increase cost of ownership
  • Applying external lubrication adds maintenance steps and can be unsightly or cause fouling
  • Internal lubrication improves the wear resistance of plastics, increasing reliability
  • Eliminate noise between mated or in-motion surfaces
  • Enhance aesthetics by reducing surface marring and scratching

Static Control & EMI Shielding

  • Conductive (Static Control and EMI Sheilding) Value Added Peformance for Long Fiber CompositesControlling static and providing ESD protection boosts product safety
  • Essential for fine particle and explosive vapor environments, tools and equipment in production of E&E components, or clean rooms
  • Facilitate electro-static painting and plating of plastic substrates
  • Replacement of metal housing can result in loss of valuable EMI shielding characteristics
  • Metalized fibers provide 60+ dB shielding to maintain EMC compliance


Flame/Smoke/Toxicity Compliance

  • FST Compliance (Flame/Smoke/Toxicity) Value Added Peformance for Long Fiber CompositesMany plastics require flame retardants to meet product safety regulations
  • Prevent plastics from being a source of ignition or fuel for combustion in overheat situations
  • Reduce smoke generation and smoke toxicity for enclosed environments
  • UL94 compliant materials for E&E devices that will be UL Listed
  • Halogen-free FR packages when environmental standards need to be met

Color & Appearance

  • Color and Appearance Value Added Peformance for Long Fiber CompositesIncrease consumer appeal for products
  • Employ color as part of a product branding strategy
  • Make unique components easier to identify
  • Eliminate secondary painting or decorating processes
  • Improve color consistency and maintain maximum fiber length with a one pellet solution
  • Pre-compounded color simplifies processing and results in higher LFT mechanical properties than using masterbatches

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