Lineals, Fenestration Products, and Stock Shapes

Profile Extrusion of Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

  • Profile Extrusion of Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic CompositesLineals and stock shapes with tailored performance
  • Combine long fiber thermoplastic composites with strategic continuous reinforcement
  • Economically produce high quality form factors that outperform metal, wood, or thermosets

PlastiComp’s expertise in applying long fiber thermoplastic composite technology to new applications has led to the development of innovative profile extrusion processes.  Just a few of our implementations include retrofit pipe liners and composite rebar.

We can produce co-extruded profiles that incorporate the performance advantages of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites with continuous fiber reinforcement to create tailored materials with strategic reinforcement capable of meeting demanding application requirements.

Our combination production process results in form factors that provide higher performance without the complexity and cost penalties of making pieces entirely using continuous reinforcement or the interface and thermal expansion mismatch of inserting other materials.

If you are ready to make a material change, but need a solution that can perform while also being easy to produce, put PlastiComp’s expertise with long fiber extrusion to work for you.

Why Choose Long Fiber Reinforced Composites?

  • History of successfully being used as substitutes for metal or wood
  • Combined performance benefit by enhancing both stiffness and toughness of host polymer
  • Bridges the performance gap between low-performing chopped fiber-filled plastics and difficult to produce continuous fiber reinforced composites
  • Weight reduction eases material handling and reduces product transportation costs
  • PlastiComp can customize our pellet sizes, and resulting fiber length, to tailor obtainable mechanical properties to your application’s performance specifications

Reinforced Plastics Are Ideal Replacement Materials

In addition to being lightweight, plastics have inherent benefits that are desirable when replacing traditional metal or wood materials:

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Electrically insulative or conductive
  • VOC-free processing

Plus, PlastiComp has the ability to incorporate additional characteristics into our long fiber composites:

  • Solid molded-in color; class-A paintable surfaces
  • Built-in lubricity
  • Flame/smoke/toxicity compliance
  • Anti-static – lower dust accumulation

Benefits Of Manufacturing Via Profile Extrusion

Low tooling costs and high (10-20 fpm) production rates yield consistent quality products with tight tolerances and excellent dimensional stability which makes thermoplastic extrusion ideal for producing any element that has a uniform cross section along a continuous length.

As your global source for long fiber technology, PlastiComp can process long fiber reinforced thermoplastics via extrusion into:

  • Stock shapes
    • Rods
    • Tubes
    • Bars
    • Tape
  • Custom profiles
    • I-beam
    • C-channel
    • lineals
    • Fenestrations

PlastiComp's profile extrusion processing equipment line

PlastiComp has a dedicated production line for manufacturing lineals and stock shapes from our long fiber thermoplastic composites using profile extrusion techniques

  • Any fiber type: glass, carbon +
  • Any resin/polymer: PP to PEEK

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