Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Pellets Composites and Technology Company, PlastiComp, Expands Again

WINONA, MINN., USA — PlastiComp, Inc. has completed expansions at two manufacturing sites in Winona, Minnesota. The LFT pellet production plant has added 6000 square feet of floor space and added two additional truck loading docks. Two rail sidings to the plant site are also being installed. At the Technical Development Center, an expansion of 8000 square feet including four truck docks is complete. This 75,000 square foot facility was acquired in July 2011. The TDC facility contains specialty molding, extrusion, and LFT material development lines, as well as customer engineering support services which include CAD, FEA, mold flow, and testing.

“Our sales increased nearly 50% during 2011”, stated Steve Bowen, company founder and CEO. “We expect similar growth in the next several years and have committed nearly four million dollars to expansion of our facilities during 2011. We are prepared to support our customers with the best technology and facilities in the industry. Twelve LFT pellet lines have been installed globally with PlastiComp’s LFT technology. The most recent LFT pellet line will start production in Korea in February 2012.”

Complet® thermoplastic composite pellets, produced by PlastiComp with LFT technology, are made for the injection molding market in standard as well as custom formulations. To assist customers with starting and completing their projects, PlastiComp can provide advanced technology part molding and contract research and development.

For more information on PlastiComp’s LFT products and technologies, please call +1 507-858-0330, e-mail info@plasticomp.com, or visit their website at www.plasticomp.com.

About PlastiComp
PlastiComp, Inc. focuses on developing and providing long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite technologies to partners worldwide. These include ready-to-process reinforced long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) pelletized compounds, along with process development and manufacturing equipment licensing for LFT pultrusion, in-line direct long fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) Pushtrusion®, and in-line direct glass mat thermoplastic (D-GMT®) technologies. PlastiComp’s injection moldable Complēt® LFT composite compounds are available as standard and custom formulations that combine long glass, carbon, and other specialty fiber reinforcement with thermoplastic polymers from polypropylene to PEEK.



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