PlastiComp and Indore Sign Strategic Business Alliance

WINONA, MINN., USA — The Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (LFT) technology developed and used by PlastiComp, Inc. for the production of Complet® Composite Pellets will be transferred to Indore Composites of Bombay, India. In making the announcement, PlastiComp President and CEO, Steve Bowen, reported that, “This strategic alliance enables Indore to manufacture Complet Composite Pellets and represent the brand for sale, thus expanding our PlastiComp global supply capability.”

Under the terms of the alliance, the transfer of technology and know-how to Indore will allow global customers to purchase the same compounds from either Indore or PlastiComp. The agreement will also allow Indore to rapidly enter the growing commercial market for LFT materials in the Asian markets.

Indore director, Mukesh Sanghvi noted, “The markets for high volume composite materials are rapidly expanding. Indore is already well positioned as a market leader as a global supplier of fiber optic cable tension members, so we are very experienced in processing continuous glass fiber reinforced composites. The development of a composite pellet business will complement our core business and fully utilize our core competencies in composite materials.”

Indore expects the long fiber pellet production to be on-line in 2006. The plant will be located in the Bombay area. Materials will be available from Indore both produced in India and imported from PlastiComp.

For more information on PlastiComp’s LFT products and technologies, please call +1 507-858-0330, e-mail, or visit their website at

About PlastiComp
PlastiComp, Inc. focuses on developing and providing long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite technologies to partners worldwide. These include ready-to-process reinforced long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) pelletized compounds, along with process development and manufacturing equipment licensing for LFT pultrusion, in-line direct long fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) Pushtrusion®, and in-line direct glass mat thermoplastic (D-GMT®) technologies. PlastiComp’s injection moldable Complēt® LFT composite compounds are available as standard and custom formulations that combine long glass, carbon, and other specialty fiber reinforcement with thermoplastic polymers from polypropylene to PEEK.



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