PlastiComp Unveils Ultra Durable Thermoplastic Composite Materials

WINONA, MINN., USA — New ultra durable polyamide composite materials have been introduced by PlastiComp, Inc. Complet® MT maximum toughness long fiber (LFT) polyamides have equivalent strength to industry standard LFT polyamides yet are extremely tough with up to twice as much resistance to impact forces as the standard materials.

Reinforced with long glass fiber up to 60% by weight, Complet MT composites also offer outstanding injection molding processing characteristics capable of producing complex geometries having thin wall sections. These materials are colorable and therefore also suitable for structural applications having aesthetic requirements. Commercial applications include performance sporting goods, consumer durables, and heavy appliances. For more information and trial samples contact PlastiComp at 1.507.454.4334 or

Standard LFT and enhanced Complet MT polyamides exhibit improved impact resistance with increasing fiber loading. The chart illustrates impact resistance at 73°F and for reference includes short fiber polyamide (SFT) performance. LFTs also have excellent cold temperature impact resistance down to -60°F.

Complet thermoplastic composite pellets, produced by PlastiComp with LFT technology, are made for the injection molding market in standard as well as custom formulations. To assist customers with starting and completing their projects PlastiComp can provide advanced technology part molding and contract research and development.

For more information on PlastiComp’s LFT products and technologies, please call +1 507-858-0330, e-mail, or visit their website at

About PlastiComp
PlastiComp, Inc. focuses on developing and providing long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite technologies to partners worldwide. These include ready-to-process reinforced long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) pelletized compounds, along with process development and manufacturing equipment licensing for LFT pultrusion, in-line direct long fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) Pushtrusion®, and in-line direct glass mat thermoplastic (D-GMT®) technologies. PlastiComp’s injection moldable Complēt® LFT composite compounds are available as standard and custom formulations that combine long glass, carbon, and other specialty fiber reinforcement with thermoplastic polymers from polypropylene to PEEK.



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