Product Design & Performance Analysis For Long Fiber Reinforced Composites

  • Optimize designs for maximum long fiber performance
  • Find and eliminate problems before molding trials
  • Quickly move products from concept to production

Not every application is the same; each has unique requirements as different as the function it performs.  A bad design can’t be saved with a different material, stock materials can’t meet every requirement, and materials can under-perform if not processed correctly.

Design & Analysis FEA Stress SimulationAssuring success requires a three-pronged approach integrating component design, composite performance, and manufacturing process.  Those principles are the foundation of PlastiComp’s vertical approach to providing made-to-order long fiber composite solutions.

Our product development group has teams of design engineers and composite engineers who work side by side with you and share their expertise, creating long fiber composite solutions to make your product successful and profitable.

We begin with design consultations to ensure your application incorporates the design freedom and performance benefits long fiber composites provide.  Next, we apply function and use specifications to engineer a composite incorporating the correct polymer and reinforcement combination.

Finally, we test and analyze.

Using computerized simulations, PlastiComp’s product development engineers evaluate how the design and composite perform together.  From stress tests measuring robustness to flow simulations to predict manufacturability, we run everything through its paces to discover and eliminate problems before cutting mold steel.

It’s an iterative process, tweaking the design or even the material until everything is perfect.

PlastiComp’s Product Design & Analysis Capabilities

PlastiComp’s engineers have a different way of thinking,
combining their composite knowledge with long fibers unique
characteristics and properties to improve your products.

Long fiber composites are not like other plastics and they are definitely not like the metals they commonly replace.  It’s all about those filaments of fiber reinforcement and using them to your application’s advantage – making it lighter, stronger, and tougher.

Using CAD/CAE software, PlastiComp’s engineering team conducts a variety of injection molding and finite element simulations to ensure component design and composite material work in unison to create a successful solution.

CAD/CAE Design & Simulation SoftwareMolding Simulation Capabilities

  • Fill simulation
  • Fiber orientation simulation
  • Weld line simulation
  • Warp simulation
  • Air trap simulation
  • Visual defect predictions
  • Design manufacturability recommendations
  • Fiber reinforcement friendly design recommendations
  • Mold design, runner system, and gate recommendations

Structural Finite Element Analysis Capabilities

  • Stress analysis
  • Deflection analysis
  • Structural design recommendations

Additional CAD Capabilities

  • Model editing (.sldasm, .sldprt, .stp, .x_t)
  • Model engineering drawings (.dwg, .slddrw)
  • Product rendering for aesthetic considerations

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