Direct in-line thermoplastic compounding technology

Pushtrusion® is our exclusive, patented and proprietary in-line manufacturing technology for injection (D-LFT) and compression (D-GMT®) molding that eliminates precompounding.


D-LFT-ProcessIn-line injection molding

We offer a full portfolio of thermoplastic composite technologies. Pushtrusion direct in-line compounding technology and equipment, together with Complēt long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic pellets, provide a unique systems choice that you will not find elsewhere.

Pushtrusion direct in-line compounding is poised to revolutionize the plastics industry. Simple and efficient, Pushtrusion combines reinforcing fibers with molten thermoplastic polymer directly during the part forming process. This technology provides substantial savings on raw material costs, while delivering the high performance expected from thermoplastic composite materials.


“No sheet” direct-glass mat technology

We have expanded the versatility of our Pushtrusion direct in-line compounding technology beyond injection molding, offering you a D-LFT compression molding solution.

The Pushtrusion D-GMT system produces hot charges of customized fiber-reinforced compound that can be transferred to the compression press and immediately pressed into finished parts, eliminating the need for GMT sheet.

Pushtrusion units can be sized appropriately for any job and can be used with a wide variety of polymers (e.g., PP, PA, TPU and PBT) and fibers (e.g., E-glass, S-glass and carbon).

Mechanical properties

Material Tensile Strength
Tensile Modulus
Flex Strength
Flex Modulus
Notched Izod
Unnotched Izod
Dynatup Total Energy
11800 760 1.94 16695 700 8.01 16.67 18.26
Azdel Plus
C321-B01 32%
11000 670 2.4 15100 663 10.5 Not Listed 13.3

Technical paper