Technical Development Center for New Composite Product R&D

  • Long fiber solutions tailored to your performance specifications
  • Composite experts who integrate design, material, & process
  • Expanding technology to meet market and application demands

PlastiComp's Da Vinci R&D LabOur in-house Technical Development Center is an innovation engine that helps our partners quickly take their products from concept to production or make existing products better by leveraging the design and performance benefits of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites.

PlastiComp’s composite experts have a combined 600 years of industry experience. They put that knowledge to work every day helping make products stronger, tougher, and lighter so that we jointly achieve success by growing your business and increasing its profitability.

PlastiComp’s Technical Development Center Solutions

  • Custom Composites
    From appropriate polymer matrix selection to a variety of structural fiber options or even additives that incorporate multi-functional capabilities, we tailor long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite formulations to meet your performance and cost objectives.
  • Process Innovation
    From pultruded composite pellet production to component forming techniques, PlastiComp continually refines and redefines thermoplastic composite processing. We even broaden the uses for composites with selective or strategic reinforcement capabilities.
  • Contract Research
    Our focus on adapting long fiber technology to meet market and application demands includes evaluating new polymer, fiber, and additive options. We work with industry suppliers and partners using composites to innovate new ways to expand the boundaries of composite material capabilities.
  • Services
    • Product design & performance analysis
      • Flow simulation
      • Finite element analysis
      • Mechanical/fiber orientation analysis
    • Mechanical property testing
      • Composite materials
      • Molded articles
    • Pultruded composites
      • Pellets/granules
      • Unidirectional tapes
    • Injection molding
      • Prototype/evaluation articles
      • Low volume vertical solutions
      • 50 to 440 ton
    • Compression molding
      • 12 to 52 inch
    • Profile extrusion
      • Co-extrusion
      • Lineals
      • Stock shapes

PlastiComp's Technical Development Center in Winona, MNPlastiComp’s Technical Development Center facility in Winona, Minnesota.

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