Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material solutions for sports, recreation, and outdoor goods

  • Reduce athlete fatigue with lighter weight materials
  • Increase strength for superior performance without compromising toughness for longer durability
  • Give “high tech” perception to consumers by adopting carbon-fiber composites

Sporting goods benefit from lightweight and strong long fiber reinforced composites

OEMs spanning the sporting goods industry from archery to cycling have discovered that partnering with PlastiComp for a long fiber reinforced thermoplastic solution enabled them move their products to a new playing field.  If you are looking to make a change, it’s time to put PlastiComp on your team.

The lightweight, strong, and tough properties of long fiber reinforced thermoplastics provide the ideal characteristics for athletic equipment.

Plus, having a team of experts on your side to guide you to the right material — one that meets all of your design specifications — and is also there help you successfully implement it makes PlastiComp unique as a LFT solutions provider.

Whether you’re looking to eliminate a material that has a negative weight penalty or re-engineer a piece of equipment to improve athlete performance or increase safety, the design benefits and manufacturing ease of using injection moldable long fiber reinforced composites are plentiful.

Don’t be forced to use a material that is “close enough” from another suppliers catalog of off-the-shelf products.  Choose PlastiComp with confidence, we’ll tailor a long fiber solution to meet your precise needs — blending the right polymer with the correct reinforcement to get exactly the properties and performance you need.

PlastiComp can also include additional functional properties along with reinforcement to create a unique solution for you — from color to lubricity we can provide a single material that does it all.

Don’t let another season go buy without making the call that will ensure your future — PlastiComp is ready to join your team today.

Performance Advantages Long Fiber Reinforced Composites Provide

  • High strength-to-weight ratio make LFTs an ideal substitute for metals
  • Up-engineer under-performing plastics with superior long fiber reinforcement
  • Improve performance by using increased design freedom to re-engineer athletic equipment
  • Reduce deformation and obtain molded parts with tighter tolerances
  • Improve ergonomics by easily overmolding LFT substrates with soft TPEs
  • Improve product branding with molded-in color

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