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Combine Long Fiber Structural Capabilities with Multi-Functional Performance to Produce More Effective Products

Do not let your creativity, or your products performance, be limited by off-the-shelf options. PlastiComp can provide you with a ready-to-mold LFT composite pellet solution that contains everything you need — including functional performance beyond reinforcement.

Built-In Lubricity

  • Wear & FrictionFriction and abrasion shorten product life cycles and increase cost of ownership
  • Applying external lubrication adds maintenance steps and can be unsightly or cause fouling
  • Internal lubrication improves the wear resistance of plastics, increasing reliability
  • Eliminate noise between mated or in-motion surfaces
  • Enhance aesthetics by reducing surface marring and scratching

Static Control to EMI Shielding

  • Controlling static and providing ESD protection boosts product safety
  • Essential for fine particle and explosive vapor environments, tools and equipment in production of E&E components, or clean rooms
  • Facilitate electro-static painting and plating of plastic substrates
  • Replacement of metal housing can result in loss of valuable EMI shielding characteristics
  • Metalized fibers provide 60+ dB shielding to maintain EMC compliance

Flame/Smoke/Toxicity Compliance

  • Many plastics require flame retardants to meet product safety regulations
  • Prevent plastics from being a source of ignition or fuel for combustion in overheat situations
  • Reduce smoke generation and smoke toxicity for enclosed environments
  • UL94 compliant materials for E&E devices that will be UL Listed
  • Halogen-free FR packages when environmental standards need to be met

Color & Appearance

  • Increase consumer appeal for products
  • Employ color as part of a product branding strategy
  • Make unique components easier to identify
  • Eliminate secondary painting or decorating processes
  • Improve color consistency and maintain maximum fiber length with a one pellet solution
  • Pre-compounded color simplifies processing and results in higher LFT mechanical properties than using masterbatches

PlastiComp's Capabilities

Solution Collaboration
We work with you to design and make your products better

Custom Composites
We produce materials to your performance and design needs

Design & Analysis
We work with you to ensure your parts perform at their highest potential

Processing & Forming
Quickly develop and maximizie long fiber’s benefits


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