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Global Leadership in Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Technology

At PlastiComp, we distinguish ourselves by offering our partners access to a team of industry professionals with deep reinforced thermoplastic experience.

Everyone at PlastiComp is committed to sharing our knowledge to further your product vision by providing unmatched innovation, engineering expertise, quality composite materials, advanced processing, and complete life cycle support.

Heading our group is the PlastiComp leadership team
Eric Wollan, General Manager PlastiComp


Eric J. Wollan

General Manager
+1 507.858.0320
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After earning his composite materials engineering degree from Winona State University, Eric Wollan did a brief stint at Andersen Windows prior to joining PlastiComp over 10 years ago to establish our Technical Development Center. In the TDC he worked on optimizing processes for composite pellet pultrusion and D-LFT pushtrusion manufacturing while also formulating custom LFT products to meet customer specifications. During his tenure, Eric has taken on new roles as PlastiComp has grown, including operations manager for composite pellet production and now leads our technology and new business development efforts.

In his current role, Eric uses PlastiComp’s partnership philosophy to oversee engineering teams responsible for product design and CAE analysis plus composite material development to ensure success for those using our long fiber composites.

Steve Ouendag, Application Development Manger PlastiComp


Steve Ouendag

Application Development Manager
+1 616.250.1285
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Steve Ouendag enjoys the process of helping brand OEMs and plastic processors throughout the country develop applications benefiting from the unique blend of strong, tough, and lightweight characteristics that our Complēt long fiber reinforced composites provide. He has over 20 years of industry experience and has held a variety of marketing and application development roles at other firms who produce value-added materials including SABIC & GE Plastics’ LNP compounds. Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in plastics engineering from Ferris State University and lives outside of Grand Rapids, Mich. where he has easy access to the industrial heartland.
Rhonda Puetz, Manager Customer Service PlastiComp


Rhonda Puetz

Customer Service & Key Accounts Manager
+1 507.858.0330
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After earning a Business and Marketing degree from Winona State University, Rhonda has gained more than 25 years of experience in the thermoplastics industry. Rhonda Puetz has been with PlastiComp since 2003 and was previously, customer development manager at RTP Company, where she was responsible for marketing functions supporting operations in both the United States and abroad. She has also held similar roles at Celanese and Cytec.

Rhonda currently is the liaison with customers and also serves as our lead for public relations, marketing, and account management.

Marc-Henry Wakim


Marc-Henry Wakim

Senior Product Development Engineer
+1 507.858-0320
E-mail Marc-Henry

As senior product development engineer Marc-Henry Wakim leads PlastiComp’s product design and performance analysis team. He’s a key member of our application development team ensuring product designs are compatible with long fiber composite materials to obtain maximum performance and assure success. Marc-Henry earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a certification in plastic product design from University of Massachusetts, he is also a Six Sigma black belt.

PlastiComp's Capabilities

Solution Collaboration
We work with you to design and make your products better

Custom Composites
We produce materials to your performance and design needs

Design & Analysis
We work with you to concept and ensure your parts perfom.

Processing & Forming
Quickly develop and maximizie long fiber’s benefits.


LFT Solutions

PlastiComp extends long fiber technology to achieve unique material solutions

Complēt Long Glass Fiber
Structural performance in polymers form PP to PEEK.

Complēt MT
Ultra durable for demanding applications.

Complēt Long Carbon Fiber
Reduce weight or obtain higher performance.

Complēt Hybrid
Cost effectively adopt carbon fiber performance.

Improved flow fills thin walls or enhances surface aesthetics.

Multifunctional Composites
Combine reinforcement with functional performance.

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Product literature

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