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PlastiComp Expands LFT Pellet Capacity

WINONA, MINN., USA — Increasing customer demand for Complēt® long fiber reinforced pellets provides expansion opportunities for PlastiComp, Inc.

“Customers like our business model, our products and our business process. We are very focused on our customers needs and we strive to provide a product solution that best meets their requirements. This means that we provide people-to-people interface and high quality technology with a desire to become a most highly valued supplier to our customers. We believe that our business success will follow the customer’s success and our customer relationship will be sustained and valued because we are dedicated to becoming a supportive team member to our customers, much more than simply supplying volumes of LFT pellets,” said Steve Bowen, PlastiComp President and CEO.

The new LFT pellet line will increase the company’s annual pellet capacity with an additional 3-5 million pounds. Based on PlastiComp’s rate of growth, the company has planned similar expansion for each of the next several years.

PlastiComp is also preparing a new plant site in the Winona area for occupancy during 2008. The new facility details will be released when finalized in Q4, 2007.

Global customers for LFT pellets have several options to be supplied with a specific formulation produced with PlastiComp LFT technology. The company has granted PlastiComp LFT technology licenses to partner companies in Asia and in Europe. Global customers may purchase LFT pellets directly from PlastiComp or from a licensee of PlastiComp LFT technology. “If the customer prefers to buy the LFT pellets directly from the licensee, then the formulation can be produced locally by the licensee for the global customer. In this business strategy all licensees invest locally, yet sell globally, depending on the desires of the customer,” concluded Bowen.

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About PlastiComp
Deploying a partnership philosophy combined with a fully integrated approach to application development, PlastiComp focuses its expertise on moving innovative long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite technology into new markets and applications by applying long fiber’s stronger, tougher, and lighter capabilities to make products better. Ready to process Complēt® composite pellets for injection molding provide made to order performance by incorporating long carbon, glass, or specialty fibers with thermoplastic polymers ranging from polypropylene to PEEK for application specific structural material solutions.

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PlastiComp extends long fiber technology to achieve unique material solutions

Complēt Long Glass Fiber
Structural performance in polymers form PP to PEEK

Complēt MT
Ultra durable for demanding applications

Complēt Long Carbon Fiber
Reduce weight or obtain higher performance

Complēt Hybrid
Cost effectively adopt carbon fiber performance

Multifunctional Composites
Combine reinforcement with functional performance

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