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long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

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Specialty Molding & Custom Processing From Long Fiber Experts

  • Quicken your time to market with in-house prototype trials
  • Sharing our long fiber processing know-how with the molding community
  • Single supplier solutions for carbon fiber components
PlastiComp has prototype and low volume injection molding, compression molding, and profile extrusion capabilities to accelerate your product development cycle or provide a vertical, single-supplier solution extending from concept to production for select partners.

Preserving fiber length is crucial to successfully processing long fiber composites and achieving the highest level of performance possible to obtain the maximum benefit when switching from metal to composite materials.

We can work side-by-side with your processor of choice, sharing our processing knowledge and best practices to ensure successful use of our Complēt composite pellet products, or you can have us mold long carbon fiber reinforced composites for you in smaller quantities other processors might not.

Innovate with strategic or selective reinforcement precisely where you need it. Combine continuous fiber reinforcement in co-extrusions or position unidirectional tape in components to boost structural capabilities.

Faster Product Development

  • Quick iteration turnaround expedites your product development
  • Mold evaluation articles and perform pre-production trials in-house

Experts at Maximizing Performance

  • Develop best practices for maintaining fiber length to maximize performance
  • Share our expertise with processors of Complēt composite pellets

Manage Fewer Suppliers

  • Single-supplier design to component solutions for select partners
  • Specialists at processing long carbon fiber reinforced composites

In-House Processing Capabilities

Injection Molding Compression Molding Profile Extrusion
50 to 440 ton 250 to 450 ton Co-extrusion
2 to 34 ounce 12 to 52 inch Up to 600 lbs/hr
Co-extrusion with continuous fiber reinforced unidirectional tape on PlastiComp’s profile line.

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LFT Solutions

PlastiComp extends long fiber technology to achieve unique material solutions

Complēt Long Glass Fiber
Structural performance in polymers form PP to PEEK.

Complēt MT
Ultra durable for demanding applications.

Complēt Long Carbon Fiber
Reduce weight or obtain higher performance.

Complēt Hybrid
Cost effectively adopt carbon fiber performance.

Improved flow fills thin walls or enhances surface aesthetics.

Multifunctional Composites
Combine reinforcement with functional performance.

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