You are in an industry where products must be lighter and faster while providing strength, stiffness, and toughness to meet demanding performance criteria.

“At PlastiComp, we tailor long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites to precisely meet your specifications.”

Stephen Bowen

PlastiComp president and CEO

PlastiComp is your global source for long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites and technologies.
Our experts are at your side from concept through commercialization to ensure you get the right long fiber solution.
PlastiComp is your partner for R&D, design and analysis, composite pellets, molding, or technology licensing.
Together, we form innovative, enduring, cost-effective partnerships that will take
your products into new spaces, evolving them into…

Plasticomp in the industry: Growth

PlastiComp and Xenia Partner to Develop Applications for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

PlastiComp and Xenia announced they have entered into a strategic partnership. As part of the partnership, Xenia will develop innovative solutions based on PlastiComp’s Complēt long carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites for the European market.

Plasticomp in the industry: People and Appearances

Tim Earley Joins PlastiComp as New Business Development and Sales Manager

Tim Earley has joined PlastiComp as New Business Development and Sales Manager. Earley brings over 35 years of experience in the plastics industry to PlastiComp and will work with brand OEMs and plastic processors to develop long fiber applications.

Plasticomp in the industry: People and Appearances

PlastiComp Promotes Wollan to Technical Director

PlastiComp has promoted Eric Wollan to Technical Director. In this position, Wollan will manage PlastiComp’s teams responsible for composite material development and application design involving the firms LFT products and services.

Plasticomp in the industry: Innovations

Enhanced Surface Appearance Distinguishes PlastiComp’s Velocity Series of Long Fiber Reinforced Nylon Composites

PlastiComp recently revealed the enhanced aesthetic capabilities of its Velocity high flow nylon long fiber reinforced composites. The products simplify the injection molding of high fiber content LFT components by more easily producing the smooth, fiber-free finish desired on external surfaces.

Plasticomp in the industry: Innovations

PlastiComp Part of Composites Research Consortium Announced by President Obama

PlastiComp is among organizations partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy in its Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation. The IACMI will engage in research and development focused on lowering the cost of advanced fiber reinforced polymer composites as well as efficient manufacturing and recycling processes.

Plasticomp in the industry: Innovations

PlastiComp Fills Long Fiber Performance Gap with Development of Hybrid Long Glass+Carbon Fiber Thermoplastic Composites

PlastiComp has developed an innovative set of hybrid thermoplastic composites that combine long glass fiber and long carbon fiber reinforcement together in a single, ready-to-mold composite pellet. The new products expand the performance range of long fiber material options available to product designers while offering a cost effective avenue to adopt the high performance capabilities of carbon fiber.

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Case Study

Propelled to success

Long fiber composites are the material behind a unique motorboat propeller system by Piranha that makes use of interchangeable blades to lower repair costs and fine tune performance.

Propelled to success

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