You are in an industry where products must be lighter and better while providing stiffness, strength, and toughness to meet demanding performance criteria.

“At PlastiComp, we tailor long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites to meet your specifications.”

Stephen Bowen

PlastiComp president and CEO

Replace metals or under-performing materials with our structural long fiber reinforced thermoplastic solutions.
Produce better products using tough, strong, and lightweight long carbon fiber or long glass fiber composites.
Ensure your success by adding PlastiComp’s design and material expertise to your product development team.
Together, we form innovative, enduring, cost-effective partnerships that will take
your products into new spaces, evolving them into…

Plasticomp in the industry: Growth

PolyOne Announces Acquisition of PlastiComp

PolyOne Corporation, a premier global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, today announces the acquisition of PlastiComp, an advanced engineered materials innovator and producer of specialty composites.

Plasticomp in the industry: People and Appearances

Engineering Interns at PlastiComp to Gain Real World Composites Know-How

Three engineering interns with local ties are joining PlastiComp’s ranks this summer to gain hands on experience and broaden their knowledge of composites. They will each get the opportunity to collaborate with PlastiComp’s experts during two-week long immersions in the firm’s key functions.

Plasticomp in the industry: Innovations

PlastiComp Part of Team Working to Accelerate Development of Affordable Carbon Fiber Composites

Pacific Northwest National Lab led team of experts from industry and academia developed predictive engineering tools for designing new, economical, and lightweight automotive composites

Plasticomp in the industry: People and Appearances

PlastiComp Establishing Presence in Asia to Supply Its Complēt Long Fiber Composites

PlastiComp is establishing a presence in the Asia-Pacific region by developing supply channels and manufacturing capability for its Complēt long fiber composite pellets through strategic associations with key industry partners in the region.

Plasticomp in the industry: Growth

PlastiComp Expands Production Capability for Long Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

PlastiComp announced it has completed installation of an additional pultrusion line dedicated to manufacturing long carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite pellets at its Winona, Minn., location.

Plasticomp in the industry: People and Appearances

Article on Long Glass+Carbon Fiber Hybrids in Reinforced Plastics Magazine

An article by PlastiComp’s Eric Wollan reviewing the performance advantages of hybrid long glass+carbon fiber reinforced composites is featured in the January/February issue of Reinforced Plastics magazine.

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Case Study

A Smoother, Healthier, & Lighter Ride

A pivot point design allows Frog Legs wheelchair caster wheels to function like airplane landing gear to provide a smoother ride. Their second generation wheels are 33% lighter using molded long carbon fiber composites.

A Smoother, Healthier, & Lighter Ride

Our Long Fiber Technologies


Long Glass Fiber – Long fiber reinforcement increases stiffness, strength, and toughness of thermoplastic polymers.
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Long Carbon Fiber – Obtain the highest level of structural performance while reducing weight and adding consumer appeal.
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Long Fiber Technologies

Complēt MT – Ultra durable LFT composites for demanding applications.
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Complēt Hybrid – Cost effectively adopt carbon fiber's higher performance.
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Velocity – Improved flow fills thin walls and enhances surface aesthetics.
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