Transforming Applications and Markets with Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Technology

PlastiComp was founded over a decade ago by veterans of the thermoplastic composites industry who knew they could incorporate the stronger, tougher, and lighter benefits of long fiber reinforcement technology into new applications and markets to create better products.

Using a partnership-based philosophy combined with a fully integrated approach to application development, we focus our expertise on developing and delivering innovative, made-to-order long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite solutions to satisfy application specific requirements for structural performance.

As businesses have gotten more global, many have reduced the service component of their operations and focused on lean manufacturing.  On the other hand, PlastiComp has boosted our support capabilities to enable us to provide products with higher value.

– Stephen Bowen, President and CEO


Transformative Solutions

We manufacture Complēt® long fiber composite pellets using a proprietary pultrusion process that melt impregnates continuous carbon, glass or other specialty fibers with thermoplastic polymer matrices ranging from polypropylene to PEEK.  Our composite pellet products are formed into finished articles by processors using injection molding, profile extrusion, or compression molding methods.

For those unfamiliar with using fiber-reinforced composites to replace metals or other traditional materials, PlastiComp has capabilities to assist you from product concept through production.  We provide single-vendor options for product design, performance analysis, composite formulation, composite pellet production, and processing into finished components.

Integrating Technology

Adapting long fiber technology to new applications and markets, especially when high performance engineering polymers or long carbon fiber reinforcement is required is our forte.  It’s all about those filaments of fiber and using them to achieve your performance requirements.

Our integrated approach overcomes metal-to-plastic conversion challenges by taking product design, material performance, and processing method into consideration to develop a custom solution that makes your product better.

Agility is one of our defining cultural characteristics; our team is used to working on fast-paced timelines while always remaining committed to obtaining our success by ensuring our partners succeed.

Sharing Our Expertise

PlastiComp’s team has a combined 600 years of composites knowledge, our design, material, and process engineers are always accessible to answer your questions and as our partner will be there to support you throughout your entire product life cycle.

We continually engage in new product and process research to expand the performance envelope and use of long fiber technology in new and innovative ways.

Performance Fits

The high strength-to-weight-ratio of long fiber reinforced composites makes them an ideal substitute for metals or underperforming materials.  They are widely used to produce lightweight and cost-effective semi-structural components for aerospace, appliance, automotive, construction, defense, electronics, fluid handling, healthcare, industrial equipment, robotics, sporting goods, transportation, and other markets that require high performance materials.

Built For Success

PlastiComp operates two facilities in Winona, Minnesota, totaling 140,000 sq. ft. (13,000 m2) that comprise our corporate offices, technical development center, composite pellet manufacturing, and captive processing operations.  We are guided by an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system.

PlastiComp's facility in Winona, Minnesota

PlastiComp’s corporate headquarters, technical development center, and composite pellet manufacturing facility in Winona, Minnesota.