Long Fiber Refinforced Thermoplastic Composites for M

Complēt MT “Maximum Toughness” Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

  • Ultra durable long fiber reinforced nylon composites for demanding applications
  • 400% increase in toughness over fiber-filled materials
  • Notched impact resistance 40% higher than standard LFTs
  • Strength and stiffness performance of long fiber composites

Durability of Long Fiber Nylon CompositesLong fiber-reinforced composites are renowned for their ability to provide high impact resistance while also boosting the strength and stiffness of thermoplastic polymers.

PlastiComp has taken long fiber material performance to the next level with our Complēt MT series of long glass and carbon fiber reinforced nylon (polyamide) composites.

Complēt MT offers maximum toughness with notched impact resistance up to 40% higher than standard long fiber materials and 400% better than plastics filled with chopped or short fiber.

Low Temperature Impact Reistance For LGF50-PA66 CompositeLong fiber composites are unique because the higher aspect ratio of their reinforcing fibers increases strength and stiffness to levels beyond other reinforcement methods.

Longer fiber length also provides more surface area for the polymer and fiber to interact – allowing more efficient energy transfer between the polymer and fiber – increasing impact resistance and impeding crack propagation.

Complēt MT provides all the benefits of long fiber nylon composites

  • Highest level of impact resistance to prevent cracking or failure under stress
  • Best load bearing capability and creep resistance obtainable with nylon thermoplastics
  • 2.5 times more strength and 4 times more stiffness than unmodified nylon
  • Outstanding low and elevated temperature performance (-60 to 150°F)
  • Excellent dimensional stability (0.002 in/in shrink)
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Whether replacing metals to meet mass reduction goals or taking advantage of long fiber’s superior properties in combination with plastics’ design freedom to improve function or reduce system costs – Complēt MT is your long fiber material of choice.

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