Get Tougher, Be Stronger, Go Lighter

Complēt LFT Composite Pellets

Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

  • Vertical provider of composite solutions focused on applying long fiber technology to new applications and markets
  • Stronger, tougher, and lighter composites engineered to meet your performance and design requirements
  • Long glass, carbon, or specialty fiber reinforcement in thermoplastic polymers from PP to PEEK

Complēt® composite pellets are are PlastiComp’s ready-to-process long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials that will exceed your expectations for structural performance in combination with expert life cycle support and produced using an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system.

Innovation Made-to-OrderLong fiber's superior transfer of stress increases toughness without compromising strength or stiffness performance

PlastiComp becomes your partner, employing the stronger, tougher, and lighter benefits of long fiber technology to expand your product vision and providing you with engineered composites that allow you to make better products.

  • Complēt long fiber composite pellets are available with glass, carbon, or specialty fiber reinforcement in commodity and engineering polymers ranging from polypropylene to PEEK.
  • Complēt composite pellets encompass a complete portfolio of long fiber reinforced materials which we tailor to meet your performance and design specifications.

Our material customization ability extends beyond fiber reinforcement to include functional performance and translucency along with multi-fiber hybrids, durability enhancements, and flow or aesthetic improvements – allowing you to produce products that are more effective.

Engineered for Success

Consider PlastiComp a member of your product development team, our experienced design and material engineers will be at your side from concept through production. Together we will develop a long fiber solution that integrates design, material, and process advantages to provide exactly the performance you need to ensure your product’s success.

Deploying Complēt long fiber composites as your material solution will enable you to design and produce better products – lighter, stronger, and tougher products opening new market and profit opportunities for your business – accomplished on short development cycle timelines to keep you ahead of your competition.

PlastiComp’s Long Fiber Innovations

Long Fiber “Pultrusion” Manufacturing Process

PlastiComp manufactures our Complēt long fiber composite pellets using a pultrusion process that melt impregnates fibers with resin to obtain maximum wet-out and bonding, this produces materials with higher mechanical properties to provide the best performance.

Pultrusion Animation

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets – Complēt Long Fiber Composite Pellet Products

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